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Animal Communication Services

Animal communicator connects with a horse.
Ann communicates with a horse.
"Following the animal communication session with Ann, my dog Sally's behavior during a recent vet appointment was much improved.

She was much calmer. I was so pleased and Sally was proud of herself too! It was so much more positive than past experiences."

- Lauri Keegan
Renton, Washington

  Animal communicator listening to cat.
Ann listens to Tira.

"Ann has a special gift that allows her to connect with animals and people in a way that promotes healing. I will be using her skills on an ongoing basis to continue to improve the lives of my animals."

– Catherine
Seattle, Washington


Wish You Knew What Your Animal Companion Was Thinking?
Do you have a pressing issue or concern and nothing else has worked? Animal communication helps you hear and understand what your animal is thinking. Though animal communication is new to many people, professional animal communicators have been in business for more than 25 years. Animal communication is a treasured gift for humans who sincerely want to nurture greater understanding with their animals.

How Can Animal Communication Help?
Animal communication can help you understand, address or improve:

  • Behavior issues;
  • Health issues;
  • Relationships between animals in a multi-animal household;
  • Adding a new person or animal to a household;
  • Preparing for an animal's passing;
  • Communicating with an animal that has passed on;
  • Wanting to know what would make your animals happier.

Animal communication sessions are done by primarily phone and are available to you no matter where you live.

Nurture Your Relationship With Your Animals
Animal communication helps humans:

  • Hear the animal's perspective;
  • Get a different view of the animal by understanding what he or she is thinking.
  • Strengthen your bond and relationship with the animal;
  • Enjoy peace of mind from communication rather than having to guess what the animal is thinking and feeling;

What to Expect From an Animal Communication Consultation
The information you receive back from your animal will vary depending on the questions or issues addressed. Here are some ideas of what you can expect from a consultation:

  • Answers to the questions that you asked of your animal;
  • Ideas from your animal companion on what she/he needs to address the question or concern;
  • Resources and concrete steps regarding how you and your animal can work together to address the concern or issue;
  • Information on how you can use animal communication with your animal companion;
  • A better understanding of your animal companion.

The Three Steps in an Animal Communication Session

  1. I talk with you to find out what questions you have for your animal and to get a description or photo of her or him.
  2. I communicate with the animal. This is not done over the phone, but is done "long distance" from my office. Animal communication is a conversation with your animal companion. I tune into your animal intuitively and converse with her/him through thoughts, mental pictures, emotional feelings and physical sensations.
  3. We set a time for you to call me so I can relay my conversation with your animal companion. This may include the animal's ideas for how the issue can be addressed. You'll receive concrete steps that you can take to work with the animal to address the issues. You'll receive information on how you can use animal communication with your animal companions.

My role as an animal communicator is to act as an interpreter between the human and their animal companion to help them understand each other better and to offer tools, resources and information that are helpful in addressing the particular situation.

Specialized Training

  • Completion of Animal Communication Comprehensive Training Program by Carol Gurney, a leader in the animal communication profession.
  • Cat, dog and bird behavior training.
  • Masters in Social Work and 18 years social work experience. The people and animals that use animal communication are often in stressful situations and appreciate a compassionate caring person to listen to them and help them with their situation.

Use this simple online animal communication request to learn more or schedule a consultation. Learn more about animal communicator Ann Guenther, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Give your animal companions Pawsitively The Best care.

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