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Professional Pet Sitting Services

  Playing ball while dog sitting.
Ann and Trigger play ball.
Dog walker, Ann and dog Reilly.
Ann walks with dog Reilly.
"Ann's professional and nurturing care for our cat, Sis, afforded us a rewarding and relaxing vacation.

We look forward to using her services again in the very near future. "

- Patrick Briggs


Enjoy Peace of Mind While You're Away from Home
You can relax and enjoy your time out of town knowing your cats, dogs, birds, fish, guinea pigs and rabbits will receive personalized, loving care and attention from a professional, trained pet sitter. Mid-day dog walking is also available.

If you have mice, rats or reptiles or would like overnight visits or boarding, we can refer you to another pet sitting service.

Pet Sitting Services available in: the cities of Bellevue, Newcastle, and Renton, Washington. Neighborhoods served include: Somerset, Newport Hills, China Creek, Milepost, Olympus, May Creek, Highlands at Newcastle, Renton Highlands, Kennydale, Summerwind, The Orchards and more. Service is not available north of I-90 or in the Fairwood area of Renton. Zip code areas served are: 98006, 98056 and 98059.

Advantages of In-Home Professional
Pet Sitting

If you cherish your animals, in-home pet sitting is the perfect way to give them the best care in their own home while you're away on vacation or business travel.

  • Convenience. Pet sitting services are available from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. seven days a week and on all major holidays.
  • Relaxing for your pets. They follow their customary diet and exercise routine in the comfort and security of their own home.
  • Comforting. Your pet will receive daily love and personal attention.
  • Reduced home security issues. Your home can look "lived in" by bringing in your mail daily and adjusting blinds and lights. We take precautions to ensure your absence from home is not detected because of our actions or disclosures.
  • Easy. No drop offs or pickups before or after your trip.
  • Informative. You'll have daily note sheets of what was done and how your animal did each day.
  • Peace of Mind. I'm trained in dog and cat first aid for minor emergencies. If needed, your veterinarian will be contacted or your pet taken to the nearest veterinary hospital.
  • Emergency Action. If the unexpected happens while you're away, (i.e. a water heater breaks or a tree hits your roof) I'll contact you and take appropriate remedial action.

Customized Pet Sitting Services
You choose the services you would like from a comprehensive list of services below. Visits are 30-40 minutes in length. Additional time per visit is available for an additional fee. You choose the number of daily visits you would like - from 1 to 3.

Services for Your Pet

  • Fresh Food
  • Fresh Water
  • Administer medication and/or supplements
  • Petting Time
  • Talk with your pets
  • Dog walking
  • Scoop Litter Box
  • Exercise and play time
  • Brush coat
  • Treat given
  • Radio/TV turned on and off
  • Clean up pet "accidents"
  • Services for Your Home

    • Mail and newspaper brought in
    • Doors and windows checked
    • Alternate lighting
    • Alternate blinds/curtains
    • Garbage taken out
  • Water houseplants
  • Restore supplies
  • Re-lock area
  • Restore security system
  •   Brushing cat while cat sitting.
    Ann brushes Tira.
      Pet sitter and cat playing.
    Tira and Ann play with the bird toy.

    Your Pets Will Be in Excellent Hands
    I enjoy providing hands-on care for animals - giving them the love and attention they miss when their people are away, feeding them, playing with them, walking dogs, building relationships and trust with them. To see what Pawsitively The Best pet sitting customers have to say about our services, visit the testimonials page.

    New Clients
    Please make your pet sitting request at least five days prior to your departure. This allows time to meet you and your pets, determine the services you'd like, get detailed information about caring for your pets and pick up a key to your home. On your return you'll receive an evaluation form to let us know what you liked most about the service and what if I can do to better serve you in the future. Click here for rates.

    Holiday Travel
    If you are making plans for travel during major holidays or school breaks (i.e. mid-winter and spring breaks) please make your pet sitting request at least one month before departure to ensure getting the dates you need.

    Contingency Plans
    In case of personal illness, I can refer you to other professional pet sitters. Inclement weather plans are discussed during the pre-service interview.

    Use the handy pet sitting request to setup an initial consultation for professional pet sitting or mid-day dog walking services. Established clients of Pawsitively The Best may use the pet sitting request to schedule their next pet sitting service.

    Next time you are away from home, be sure to give your pets Pawsitively The Best pet care!

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