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Pet Sitting and Animal Communication Services

Cat sitter feeds hungry cats.
Meals are prepared
just like you do it.
Cats eat dinner prepared by pet sitter.
Pets eat well!
Familiar food in their own home.

When you cherish your animals as a part of your family you'll want to provide Pawsitively The Best pet care including professional pet sitting, mid-day dog walking and animal communication.

Professional Pet Sitting Services
When you're out of town provide your pets with love and personal attention by a professional, trained pet sitter. Schedule pet sitting services.

Mid-day Dog Walking Services
Your dog won't mind if you have to work long hours when you give her a mid-day break. She'll love going for a walk and receiving genuine, caring attention. Keep your puppy from feeling lonely or bored with mid-day breaks, too. Schedule dog walking services.

Animal Communication Services
Now you can understand your animal better and address behavior, health and other issues. Schedule animal communication services.

Pawsitively The Best Standards

Pet Sitters International
  • Adherence to the high quality standards outlined by Pet Sitters International.
  • Bonded and insured for the benefit of our pet sitting clients.
  • Business licenses in Bellevue, Newcastle and Renton.
  • State of Washington business registration.

Specialized Training

  Animal communicator Ann Guenther listens to cat, Tira.
Ann listens to Tira's story.

  • First Aid for Cats and Dogs by the American Red Cross. Training and Certification.
  • Cat, dog and bird behavior training.
  • Pet sitting courses and training.
  • Animal Communication Comprehensive Training Program by Carol Gurney, renowned animal communicator, teacher and author of The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals and cassette, video and CD training programs.
  • Masters in Social Work and 18 years social work experience. When people and animals use animal communication services it's often during stressful situations. People appreciate having a compassionate caring person to listen to them and help them with their situation.

Read what our clients say. References available on request.
Your referrals to new clients are appreciated.

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