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Client Testimonials

Read what clients say about Pawsitively The Best pet sitting and animal communication services.

Pet Sitting Services

  Cat waits for Pawsitively The Best pet sitter Ann Guenther.
Oreo the cat waits for his pet sitter
Ann to come visit him

I Had the Most Relaxing Vacation Ever
Knowing Ann Was Caring For My Cats

I cannot think of anyone I would trust as much with caring for my feline family as much as I trust Ann Guenther. I have 4 indoor cats and feed at least 5 stray cats each day. When Ann showed up for our initial consultation, notepad in hand, I knew she was up for the task. The detailed notes she took on each cat made me feel so reassured that their special needs would be met. She administered daily medications without batting an eye.

Her love of animals is obvious from the minute you meet Ann. Mine immediately warmed to her. She arrived with cat toys and got acquainted with each cat. She brushed who needed to be brushed, coaxed who need to be coaxed and just did a terrific all around job.

Ann also does a great job with the extras; gathering mail, watering plants, taking out the garbage. I can relax on my vacation knowing that Ann is in charge of the furry family and the house. She's professional, organized and loves animals. I highly recommend Ann's services.
- Tina Wyche

  Dog walking keeps them healthy and happy and is great exercise, too!
Carrie and Mike
with their dog Reilly.

Ann's Care Was Clearly the Perfect Solution
After boarding our North American Shepherd, Reilly, at a local boarding facility we realized boarding was traumatic for him. We were unsure about using a pet sitter and leaving a young puppy alone in our apartment unsupervised.

When I spoke with Ann, I was struck by her caring nature and professional manner. She was very thorough at our first meeting. She asked about every aspect of Reilly's care and what we expected from her visits. Her easygoing manner and interaction with Reilly put us at ease.

Putting Reilly in Ann's care was clearly the perfect solution. Reilly's attitude said it all - he was happy and excited, and best of all he was the same dog we had left (not traumatized from strange surroundings of boarding). Ann's daily notes made it clear that she genuinely cares for animals and loves spending time with Reilly. She interacts with him so well and now knows his little quirks and how to deal with them.

We have a wonderful peace of mind when we're out of town knowing Ann is caring for Reilly!
- Carrie and Mike Connaker

Cats and humans appreciate pet sitting services.
Lucy likes staying home
with a pet sitter when her family
is on vacation.

Ann Gives Each Cat Individualized
and Special Attention

I can't think of a better person to take care of my cats, Maui, Lucy and Oliver. Ann is so compassionate and caring. She notes the unique needs of each cat and gives him or her each individualized and special attention. My cats are always happy and content in Ann's care.

As soon as I met Ann my mind was put at ease. She's very professional and dependable. Now we never worry about our cats while we're away from home. Maui, Lucy and Oliver have all of their needs met and enjoy special playtime. We appreciate the written daily log letting us know what specific care was given to our cats and notes on how they did while we were gone. We travel often and we depend on the best pet sitting service there is - Pawsitively The Best!
- Petra Chase

My German Shepherd & Golden Retriever Love Going For Walks with Ann
Thank you for taking excellent care of my German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. They are very precious to me. I feel comfortable leaving them in your care, knowing that they will be in good hands. I know they enjoy your visits because they love to go for walks and they can always count on their good friend Ann for a walk. I appreciate your loving care of my dogs in my absence.
Thanks again,
- Fritz

Cat,Tira and dad, David, playing.
Tira the cat gives her
dad David some love.

Tiramisu Loves the Daily Play Sessions & Loving Personal Attention
Whenever we're away from home, we always feel that our beloved Tiramisu is in the best of hands. It's really a pleasure not ever worrying about whether or not our cat is well cared for. You've really gone "above and beyond the call" with your daily play sessions and loving personal attention. Tira doesn't look nearly as lonely when we get back home these days - it's clear that you two have bonded!
- David and Christy

Animal Communication Services

  Animal communication aids in improving pet behaviors.
Rocky's behavior improved after
animal communication sessions.

Learned to Understand & Communicate to Improve Behavior
Before I finally found Ann, I was ready to find another home for my beloved cat Rocky because I couldn't understand his very damaging and costly habits (peeing outside of the litter box), and none of my attempts to address them worked.

Ann's compassion for both my situation and Rocky's helped me to be hopeful and patient. It's because of Ann's insight that Rocky is still with me a year later. She gave me concrete steps to address Rocky's habits; steps I would not have considered were it not for her attention and care. The time and attention she gave to Rocky and me during our phone appointments and follow-up inquiries made me feel as if I were her only client, though I know her schedule was very full! Ann also taught me how to communicate with and listen to Rocky, so that I can allow him to achieve his purpose for being with me -- to be a help! Her care has been a blessing.
- Karen J.
Fair Oaks, California

My New Cat's Transition is Now Easier
& Our Relationship is More Rewarding

Having Ann talk with my new cat, Cheyenne helped me understand her better. I wanted to know how I could encourage her to spend more time inside with me. Through the conversation with Ann, Cheyenne was able to tell me why spending so much time outside was important to her. She also explained that she needed some help in adjusting to our household better. The information from Cheyenne and the specific ideas that Ann gave me helped me work with Cheyenne to make spending time inside a more rewarding experience for her. Now Cheyenne is spending more time inside - playing, cuddling and sleeping with me. The communication session helped me see Cheyenne's point of view and strengthen my bond with her.
- Emily Leslie
Seattle, Washington

Now Understands Behaviors & Relationships with Other Dogs Better
I highly recommend Ann as an effective animal communicator. I asked Ann to talk with Meghan, my 10-year-old yellow lab. I was concerned because Meghan seemed depressed and was becoming more anxious during car rides and during thunderstorms. I also wanted to know how she felt about our other two dogs.

I felt Ann connected well with Meghan. Hearing Meghan's perspective helped me better understand her behavior and her relationships with our other dogs. Ann gave me specific ideas of what we could do to help Meghan feel less anxious and depressed. The session was a very positive experience. With Ann's help, we were able to improve Meghan's overall health and outlook.
- Jacquie Perry
Glenwood, Washington

End of Life Planning Made Easier; We're Both More Relaxed and at Peace
I asked Ann to talk with Cody, my 13 year-old male cat, who is receiving chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma. I wanted to communicate with him about his illness and how I would know when it is time for him to pass on. The conversation with him helped me understand that I still have more time with him. I was also able to ask him specific questions about his passing and what he would like from me.

I've started talking to him about his eventual passing and what he means to me. I think he senses I'm more relaxed and at peace, which makes him more relaxed too. Ann was very compassionate and understanding as this is a very difficult time for me.
- Emily Leslie
Seattle, Washington

  Animal communication helps you connect with an animal who has passed on.
Talking with an animal
who has passed on
can provide peace and comfort.

Leo Has Passed On; Yet Now I Realize He Is With Me Still
Thank you for the work you have done with Leo and my other birds. The 2003 consultation with my parakeet Leo (who passed away in 1996) will be with me all my life. Leo reported that he saw me in a brown/orange tweed-look suit going on a job interview a few days before. That floored me because I did go to an interview in a tweed suit! He also mentioned how he liked my new red lipstick - this was just after I started wearing a new color lipstick. I knew Leo had to have seen it. Not only did he see me, but also he knew what I wore and was able to describe it to you.

I realized Leo IS with me still and I lost only his physical presence. It was a very comforting moment. This confirms to me that love transcends death and those we love will always be with us. The love I felt for Leo was returned to me and he expressed it to you. Going through the notes you provided from your conversations with my birds helps me connect with them again and remember the wisdom of their words.
- M. Baker
Brooklyn, New York

  Cat is better understood through animal commuication.
Animal communication
improves well being.

Communication Sessions Eased My Concerns about My Cat & Dog's Well-being
As a result of our animal communication sessions, I was able to make some changes to the lives of my cat and dog that had very positive results and eased my concerns about their well-being. Ann has a special gift that allows her to connect with animals and people in a way that promotes healing. I will be using her skills on an ongoing basis to continue to improve the lives of my animals.
- Catherine
Seattle, Washington

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